Cut out the paperwork and organise your expenses securely online with American Express Manage Your Card Account (MYCA).

American Express does not issue paper-based statements to individually billed Cardmembers.

To ensure you receive your monthly statements, you must enrol in MYCA and register for Online Statements. Click here.

Follow the registration instructions, choose the 'Paperless Statement' delivery option, and continue the registration steps to confirm a successful set up.

Once registered, this service allows you to manage your expenses at home and abroad. You'll be able to:

Check Your Account & Online Statements

MYCA provides a fully flexible, secure and convenient management of your Corporate Card Account. ‘Check Your Account’ assists you to review your charges online, without having to wait for your monthly Corporate Card Statement to arrive.

Using Check your Account you can track current charges and payments and view statements for the past three months.

View billed and unbilled statements

You can also track your unbilled balance and new charges.

Manage Your Account

Update your billing address to ensure you don’t miss out on important communications from us.