Enjoy the substantial rewards that flow to you when you use your Corporate Card as the payment method for all your business expenses. These benefits include:

Membership Rewards programme1

The Membership Rewards programme has been specifically tailored for American Express Corporate Cardmembers and allows you to reward yourself every time you use your Corporate Card.

Every dollar you charge to your Corporate Card will earn you Membership Rewards points1 that can be redeemed for travel, shopping, recreational or home rewards. To view reward options or redeem a reward from the Membership Rewards catalogue click here.

Access to Membership Rewards2

Access to Membership Rewards is not automatic and an annual fee applies. Please enrol with us by calling 1800 732 2566, or contact your company’s Program Administrator to check if you are eligible for enrolment in the Membership Rewards Program.

Note, you cannot delegate someone else in your company to enrol on your behalf – you have to do this yourself!

Important Information
1. Before using your Card or enrolling in Membership Rewards, please make contact with your company’s Corporate Card Program Administrator to find out about your Company’s Corporate Card program policies and procedures.
2. Enrolment is not automatic and an enrolment fee is applicable. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program available by clicking here. There may be tax implications associated with your participation in the Membership Rewards program. You are advised to check with your accountant or tax advisor for further information.